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Yami Vapor 100ML(NEW)

Yami Vapor 100ML(NEW)

$ 24.99

Icy Trio: Icy Trio presents a refreshing "trio" of strawberry, kiwi, and Lychee with a sweet and cool menthol.

Juusu: Juusu presents a delectable line of crisp apples, sweet peaches, and juicy Lychee that will leave you wanting more.

Milkgat: Milkgat is a magical milky almond flavored candy. Milkgat is to be enjoyed responsibly and one bottle is never enough, unless you are an elf.

Rei: Delectful mix of papaya, passion fruit, and mango. Rei is a delicious tropical taste that you will never want to put down.

Ryu: Sweet blends of Dragon Fruit, juicy Lychee and tart Kiwi. Ryu is an exotic smooth fruity vape with an elegant finish you will enjoy with every vape.

Sakura: A complex mix of plump mangoes, ripe peaches, and fresh pineapples. Mix in some mild cool mint tea leave for an exceptional vape experience.

Shaka: A tantalizing Mango and Mangosteen flavors E-Liquid. The exquisite and flavorful tropical fruit Mongosteen with sweet ripe Mangoes waves together deliciously with each inhale and exhale.

Taruto: Presenting a warm flaky crust dessert filled with rich, smooth, and sumptuous custard. Taruto is the perfect representation of one of the most popular desserts in all of Europe and Asia, known throughout the world as a Portuguese Egg Tart or Dan Ta in Asia.

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