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Solace Black Salt 30ML

Solace Black Salt 30ML

$ 17.92

Tropical FreezeTropical Freeze by SOLACE Black Salts is a mentholated fruity vape combining elements of crisp green apples, luscious watermelons, and a frosty gust of menthol for a perfectly balanced vape that will uplift the senses.

Banana Dragonberry- Banana Dragonberry by SOLACE Black Salts takes ripe bananas coupled with sweet saccharine strawberries and adds a healthy dose of exotic dragon fruits for an exquisitely fruity vape that is sure to liven the spirit. 

Strawberry Blast- Strawberry Blast by SOLACE Black Salts is a sugared nicotine salt blend of luscious vine-ripened strawberries picked at the peak of perfection coupled with intense summertime watermelons for a strawberry watermelon delight that is sure to be a blast.

Orange Cream- As inhaled, you will sense a sweet and strong taste of tangerine blended with sour-sweet blood oranges. Juice drops running across your tongue make your taste buds get a little tingling, and your mouth be watered and you will be refreshed. Then you feel growing delicious flavor of fresh whipped cream that wraps fruits duo up, and gives you an unbelievable smooth throat touch at the exhale.

Cool Mango- Perfectly balanced mango and menthol

Sea Salt Blueberry- Sea Salt Blueberry by SOLACE Black Salts is a rendition of old timey salt water confectionary chews, combining chewy salt water confectionaries with a sweet blast of bursting blueberries that is sure to pull the taste buds in for another taste.

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